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Pet Education & Training

Puppy Training

Puppy training



a young dog.

Each puppy has his or her own personality and temperament. The fun part of raising a puppy is that you get to find out who your puppy is and what he or she is like.


-keep training times short

-you can do several short training sessions each day

-never say a cue word unless you know the puppy will do the behavior

-never say a cue word more than once

-always offer a great reward

-don't get discouraged

-never hit a puppy (or a dog) for a correction; it will only make them afraid of you

-when you get frustrated, go back to something you do well together or go play

  • Puppies are just like toddlers - they get into everything! Check here to see how you can "puppy proof" your home.

  • Here is a few guidelines to follow while socializing your puppy.

  • Puppies are used to nipping and mouthing their littermates, that's how they play. Puppies need to be taught NOT to nip and mouth humans.

  • Teaching your puppy to respond to a food lure is step one of basic obedience training.