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Pet Education & Training

Training a Puppy Mill Rescue

How to prepare your home

-Dog proof your house. Remove small objects that may be ingested and anything you don't want chewed. Secure cabinets and drawers, especially those that contain cleaners and other toxic items.

-Buy a dog crate that is an appropriate size for your new dog. (Your dog should be able to stand, turn around and have enough room to lay down and not touch the sides). Please keep in mind that wire crates provide more ventilation, but may cause the dog to feel more exposed and they resemble puppy mill cages, which could either be a comfort or a fear to a puppy mill dog. The plastic crates are more of a "safe space" which may provide a greater sense of security, but make sure you get one that the top can be removed from allowing you to remove a fearful dog without pulling them through a crate door. Be sure the bottom of the crate is comfortable to walk on, lay down a soft blanket or a thick pad.