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Pet Education & Training

Training a Puppy Mill Rescue

How to introduce your dog to your home

The most important thing to remember is that your new dog's main problem will be fear. Fear of you and fear of its new surroundings. The strongest inclination your dog will have will be to run and hide. They may hide for hours, days or even weeks. It's your job to protect them from what causes them fear and protect them from it.

Make sure you

-Be patient.

-Bring your puppy mill dog into your house in the crate you have for him/her. *** Depending on your new dog, this step may have to be omitted depending on the level of fear or comfort your dog feels from being in a crate***

-Provide a "safe spot" for your dog as it adjusts to its new surroundings. This could be a dog-proofed room such as a laundry room or bathroom. We suggest a room without carpet as you should expect to find an accident. Offer a quiet room where he/she can be alone and adjust without threats and disruptions for the first few days.

-After a few days, move the dog and the crate to an area of the home with some, but not a lot, of human traffic. Let them get used to the regular sounds in your home such as the t.v., microwave and other common noises we take for granted, while they still have the available comfort of their crate.

-Always try to move slow around your puppy mill rescue.

-Try to minimize loud and sudden noises, which can be very frightening.

-At night, you can have the dog sleep next to your bed so they can adjust to you in a non-threatening way.