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Pet Education & Training

Common Behavioral Problems

Pulling on the leash

Pulling on the Leash

1. Consider using training equipment such as a head collar or front of chest attachment harness. These things help inhibit pulling.
2. Train your dog inside or in your yard without distractions.
3. Walk in sporadic patterns (circles, back and forth, zig-zag) so the dog becomes accustomed to paying attention to you.
4. Make sounds to keep the dog’s attention and/or keep a treat in the closed fist of the side you want your dog to walk on.
5. Once out on a walk, as soon as the dog begins pulling, turn around so that you are back in the lead. Continue doing this. You may not get anywhere for a while.
6. As soon as the dog begins pulling, stop walking. When the dog looks back at you, say, “good”. Encourage the dog to come back to your side then give the dog a reward.
7. Keep at it, as this takes time.