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Pet Education & Training

Common Behavioral Problems

Jumping on furniture

Jumping on the Furniture

1. Put a leash on the dog when inside. Take him around to the furniture and praise and treat him when he is on the floor.
2. Provide a comfortable bed or mat for him to lay down on.
3. Sit on the furniture with the dog on his mat close to you. Pet him, praise him, and treat him while he is on the mat.
4. Let him drag his leash inside when you can supervise. You can stop him from getting on the furniture easier or lead him off easier.
5. Put a clear plastic carpet runner upside down on the furniture.
6. Put the cushions up so she will not want to jump up on the furniture.
7. Until the dog is trained, he will need to be constantly monitored when inside the house. If she can’t be monitored, put her in a crate.