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Pet Education & Training

Common Behavioral Problems


Inappropriate Chewing

1. Have great chew toys and chews ready to give your dog so he has something appropriate to chew on.
2. Many chews can be soaked in broth to help with taste or stuffed and frozen with yogurt, peanut butter, etc.
3. Don’t let your dog chew on chew toys that resemble things in the home: fringy rope toys, rawhide, or plush toys.
4. Use chew deterrent sprays on permanent items such as furniture or rugs.
5. Don’t tease your dog with inappropriate items.
6. Don’t chase your dog if she is running away with an item. Move AWAY from the dog and sit with your back to the dog. Hopefully the dog will come see what you are doing. Then you can offer her a great chew so she’ll drop the item.
7. Keep all items you don’t want your dog to chew well away from where your dog can get them.
8. Until the dog is trained to not chew on inappropriate things, you need to constantly watch the dog. If you can’t supervise him, he should be in a crate.
9. If he chews out of the crate, that will require other measures.