How Your Donation Helps the Animals

Your donation helps the animals in so many ways. Want to know more what your donation can buy for the animals? See below:

  • $2.00 can buy a toy for a cat to play with
  • $10 can buy a 5lb bag of cat food to feed one cat for one month
  • $15 can buy a large Kong toy for a dog that needs a distraction
  • $20 can buy a 35lb bag of dog food to feed one dog for a month
  • $40 will buy the necessary and required Vaccinations for a dog for 1 year
  • $50 can buy Tick and Flea prevention Medicine for a dog for 3 months
  • $75 will pay for medical Treatment for a Cat for Flea infestation
  • $100 on average to Spay or Neuter a dog or cat
  • $500 will treat a dog for heart worm - to remove this painful parasite the dog must receive spinal injections for 6 weeks