Welcome to the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska


The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska has some exciting news! ASNN purchased the Norfolk Hatchery and has a closing date of August 19th. We will be asking for in-kind donations in the coming month so if you are interested in donating, please contact us at (402) 750-4665.

The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska* started in the mid 90's in the Wayne area and has since been fostering animals in the Norfolk area - however we have placed animals throughout Nebraska.

We strive to provide humane care for abandoned, neglected or abused pets for adoption purposes and to educate the public about the proper care of animals.

In the last year we have fed, fostered and rehomed over 100 animals! We currently turn away 2 - 3 families a day that are looking to find a new home for their pet. Imagine how many more we can help if we had a facility to house up to 35 dogs and 35 cats!

Our number one goal is to build a shelter, a strong network of foster care and a community well-educated in the care of pets.

*Formerly known as the Northeast Nebraska Humane Society. In respect to the agriculture community we changed our name to reflect we are not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States.

Donations can be made to the animals to honor, celebrate or in memory of a loved one.