Foster Questions

What if I am unavailable to foster an animal when you call? 

We will simply call another foster parent. We want to make sure you will be able to give the time needed, so we don’t pressure you into taking an animal. If you can’t foster this time around, we will just call you the next time.

I love the idea of being a Foster Parent, but I am worried about how I will feel when it is time for the animal to be adopted?

It can be difficult to let go once you have become emotionally attached to a foster animal. Be prepared for tears and some heartache when your foster animals get adopted by their forever home. BUT, remember foster families play a crucial part in helping unwanted animals get permanent, loving homes they deserve.

What if a friend or family member wants to adopt my foster animal?

Thank you for helping find homes for your foster animal. Please inform the ASNN  and they will facilitate the adoption.

What if I want to adopt the animal I am fostering?

This can happen when a Foster Parent falls in love with the animal. If you wish to adopt your foster animal, please call the ASNN  to start the adoption process. Please remember that having available foster homes is crucial for saving lives, so we ask that you consider remaining on the ASNN list of foster families for future animals in need of your help.

Will a foster animal have accidents or cause damage?

Foster animals, like any other companion animal in your home, may destroy carpeting, drapes, clothing and other valuable items. Please prepare your home and the area the animals will stay in to prevent accidents.

Do I need to keep foster animals separate from my pets?

Foster animals may need to be isolated from your own companion animals. A separate room or enclosed area with no carpet will often work best (like a bathroom or laundry room). Will ASNN treat my pet if he is injured or becomes sick because from a foster animals? If your animal becomes sick or injured due to interactions with a foster animal(s), you are responsible for all medical care required.

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