Memorial Donations

  • "Holly Joy" Hilkemann
    "Holly Joy" Hilkemann

    9/19/18 $100 donated in memory of Holly. "Holly Joy was loved and is now deeply missed...In honor of Holly Joy, a most wonderful dog" -Jean, Don and Bella

  • Tracy Keith

    9/14/18 $75.00 donated
    9/19/18 Tracy's sister and mother brought us a plant in memory of Tracy
    9/21/18 Donation of Puppy Chow, Kitten Chow, Litter, Bleach, paper towels and dawn dish soap were donated
    9/21/18 $25.00 donated

  • Marilyn Reiswig

    9/21/18 $50 donation in memory of Marilyn

  • Evelyn P.

    10/7/18 $25 donated in memory of Evelyn

  • Pebbles Curran

    Food, blankets and tie outs donated

  • Isis Davis

    Dog food has been donated in memory of the Davis's wonderful dog, Isis.

  • Betty Ruge

    In one of our giving tree bins, we had 2 bags of cat food and 1 bag of dog food donated in memory of Betty

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