Partner for Paws

We have recently opened a facility that costs roughly $15K to run and we are running 100% off of private donations. The ASNN is a no-suffer shelter. This means that we do not euthanize unless the animal has a debilitating disease or injury that causes their quality of life to be poor moving forward. To remain a no-suffer facility, we need to remain running off of only donations from businesses and individuals in the community.

We have a "Partners for Paws" Program that supports the animals that need a little more TLC than the average one that comes through our doors. The adoption fees pretty much covers the cost of the animal if they come through our doors healthy (vaccinations, testing and spay/neuter). However, if they need any medications, additional surgeries, treatments or special foods, we end up dipping into our Partner for Paws donations to help support these guys. It's only $25/month!

We are so incredibly grateful for your support!

To make a donation via mail, send checks to:

1000 E. Omaha Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701

To make a donation through the internet:

Click on the 'donate' button below. You can either donate through our website or donate through a current Paypal account.

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