Meet Sophia!

Meet Sophia!



First impression: shy
Don't let Sophia's shyness put you off. This petite little lady is a total sweet cuddly love bug once she trust you! Let Sophia get to know you at her own pace. Move slow and gentle around her then some tender petting and before you know it she will be in your lap!

Sophia isn't fond of being picked up, so when I had to, I found I had to hold her firmly to me to keep her from making a panicked leap and possibly hurting herself. When I carry her into a new room I had to keep a firm hold of her as new rooms scared her. Once I sat down and kept hold of her in my lap for a few minutes, she eventually calmed down and either stayed in my lap or got up and walked around exploring.

From my experience my recommendation is to keep her in one room initially. Let her get comfortable with you and her new settings one room at a time. Large rooms with a lot going on scare her and she is likely to hide.

Sophia would do well in a calm 1-2 adult only household with no other pets. This little gal has lived her life roughing it as a stray and now needs to live out the rest of her years in a safe and loving environment. It's amazing how sweet she is.

I would recommend that Sophia be an indoor only cat. I feel that if she was let outside she would get scared, panic and take off never to be seen again. Due to her age, this would not end well for her.

Sophia likes sleeping in a cozy bed up off the floor. She also enjoyed the cat tree. She really liked the scratching posts, too.

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