Construction Updates

Renovation Updates of the New Animal Shelter

The ASNN has finalized the design and is waiting to hear back from the subcontractors on their new prices!! We are EXTREMELY excited!!

Site Plan

The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska recently purchased a building in Norfolk, NE. We are currently trying to raise funds to renovate the facility and hope to have a grand opening in 2015. 

Construction and Goal Update - July 2013
This summer we have met with construction representatives and reviewed our building and utility design. We will tailor the size of the building with the amount of money we raise this year. And there will be areas in the design around the building for future expansion. The need for an animal shelter is so great in this area of the state that we will start construction in spring of 2014. Money is still needed to reach our goal of 1.25M - please donate today!

Construction and Goal Update - March 2013
This month we have a civil engineer designing our animal septic system. With this design we can estimate the amount of money this portion of work (utility) will cost and then can move forward with the next design phase.

To date we have raised approximately 35% of our goal. We need double this amount before we break ground as we want to ensure we have the money to build the structure and have saved part of the first few years operational costs.

Keep your fingers crossed while we wait for notice on some grants we have applied for.

Construction and Goal Update - November 2012

Since September we have been requesting and reviewing proposals for Civil Engineers - a very time consuming part of the job. We also have been researching the requirements by the state for the utilities. Even though there is no ground being pushed around or new activities to the site we are still moving forward on our goal.

We hope to also add to the design approximately 25,000 sf of outdoor fenced dog runs. Large areas to let the dogs play and get the exercise they need. Also this year we have been visiting other animal shelters in the state and as we travel to visit relatives out of state we take the time to see other shelters and speak with the directors/staff. (see photo to right from Corvallis, OR)

Also time consuming is the time we spend applying for grants, meeting with businesses and individuals for their support in meeting our monetary goals for the building fund. We have 25% of the funds raised but need much more before we can break ground - to donate to our the Building Fund - 'For the Love of Animals' - see the donate tab at the top of the page.

Civil Engineer - September 2012

In the next few months we’ll be interviewing and hiring a Civil Engineer (C.E.) as well as advancing our design into the next phase of drawings (2 of 3 phases). The C.E. will determine the amount of water needed daily from a drilled well and design the septic systems for an animal facility, which is not the same or as simple as a domestic system.

Behind the scenes we are busy - There is much to do before starting to construct an animal shelter. While we have our initial county permit approved we still need to design the shelter in accordance with many different regulations; Dept of Agriculture, Federal regulations, Dept of Environmental Quality regulations, Building permit etc. Above all we want to ensure the best possible environment for the animals while we care for them and they await their forever home. We are speaking with experts in this field as well as other animal shelters in NE (and other states) as to their their successes as well as failures.

Keep in touch as we continue to list our progress.

First Phase of Drawings Complete - July 2012

First Phase of Drawings (Schematic) Complete and are on display at public community events. The 5000 sf building is designed to care for up to 25 dogs and 25 cats as well as having a grooming area, treatment room and isolation area for sick animals. The pole barn design will fit in well with the surrounding farming community. We can now estate the amount of money needed for the various phases of construction.

Architects Hired - June 2012

In early May, the Board of Directors hired Avant Architects from Omaha to start the design for the new animal shelter. Avant has many years of experience designing animal facilities, such as the Ralston Veterinary Clinic in LaVista, and the American Animal Hospital in Omaha.

The architect has started on the 1st of 3 phases of drawings with the goal of having them completed by the end of June. These shelter drawings and a model will be displayed at events, such as area county fairs this Summer.

Soil Testing Completed - Also in May, Mid-State Engineering drilled soil samples and conducted the percolation test. The test results will be incorporated into reports for the architect and engineers that will dictate the type of foundation and septic system design needed.

Timeline Established - May 2012

The Building Committee is currently working to establish the design and building timeline and interviewing architects. During May and June the Building Committee will be awaiting the county commissioner's permit approval. Future newsletters will include construction updates and photos of the site and building progress.

Land Donated - April 2012

Last year, a kind benefactor donated 4.5 acres of land in Pierce County, to our group to build an animal shelter. The community veterinarians and good samaritans have been very generous and accommodating to take on the plight of the abandoned and stray animals in our area. We believe now is the time a shelter is needed in this area.

We will be raising the building funds through community donations, grants and major fund raising events. The shelter will serve the northeast area of the state (Madison, Pierce, Wayne, Stanton and Cuming Counties). Our goal is to build a comfortable and efficient 5000 square foot shelter to house 25 dogs and 25 cats until we find them a ‘forever home.’